about us

Snippet Studios is a multi-disciplinary collective focused on inspiring joy through our webcomic and products.


who we are

Megan Lee

megan lee

a designer who spends her free time sketching out comic ideas and playing chess.

Megan Wu

megan wu

a designer who likes putting faces on everything, and spends her free time painting and baking.



a bear who might be more human than bear.

Old Cat Poster.jpg


a realist who is too old to laugh at petty jokes, older sibling of Ako.



an innocent kitten full of child-like wonder, younger sibling of Azo.

Dog Poster.jpg


a rollercoaster of emotions, but a loyal companion.



a simple fish who is known for his 🌚 face.


how did snippet studios come to exist?

Snippet Studios started as a seed of a dream between two coworkers that eventually sprouted into what it currently is! Snippet is still growing in the sparse moments between our day jobs and other commitments.

We created Snippet as a way for us to explore our different interests. From soft goods to paper goods, our vision is to create unique products that are tied together by our characters and brand.

how did you come up with the name snippet studios?

Our diverse set of interests led us to the name Snippet Studios, because we envisioned Snippet to be a combination of a little bit of everything. We write comics and plan to have a range of different products soon, from stationary to apparel. Stay tuned!